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For over 600 years, the Tellus has kept what is left of the human race alive. Out of fuel and slowly burning through oxygen and food, our once-legendary ship has been drifting through space without any destination for the greater part of it.

But our sanctuary is quickly approaching its final breath. With food quickly dwindling down and oxygen reserves depleting fast, our only hope for survival is to find a survivable planet to land on.

We can’t spare much fuel for these expeditions. Any fuel we spend getting you down there and back is fuel we can’t spend for our final landing, bringing everyone aboard the Tellus to their new home.

I’ve gathered you three here today to be defenders of the human race. You may not fancy yourself a real adventurer, but there hasn’t been a real adventure to be had for a half-millennium.

Cedric, your heart is huge. I appreciate all the help you’ve given to the ship and to me personally over the years, and I had no question that you would jump at the opportunity to help the Tellus one final time. Thank you again; thank all of you.

Edgar, your passion shines through every song you sing. Your tales of adventure have enraptured those aboard the ship for years; I expect a song of your adventure to inspire the masses to move.

Tina, you’re brilliant. Everyone knows you’re brilliant. If I’m going to send these two hotheads off on an adventure, we all know they’ll need some brains to go with that brawn.

Take all the time you need to prepare. The expedition shouldn’t take longer than a week, but will be incredibly dangerous. When you’re all ready to go, meet Cid in the pod bay. He’ll brief you on the planet we’re eyeing, get you squared away with some supplies, and guide you through your descent.