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In heavy mist, in glitter dust
I smile before I want to
Welcome to my zoo
Mind my wicked words and tipsy topsy slurs
A woozy youth
Sips froth from soft, warm joe
Wrap your tendrils around my chest
And my bones go cold

This old goat with beard of grey
Dopes up on her silky smooth perfume
With a battery of guilt on which to poise
Running through my head with a bolo knife
Don’t you drain those big, blue eyes
Pump your veins with gushing gold
Dance with me and shake your bones

Paperback dreams in their deep doze
We sip the wind through lips of lust
And I settle up into a world of noise
I smile because you want to
I smile because I want to
And out it comes, warm wisps of love
You know I’m dancing
You know I’m racing around
You do that dance move I taught you, Lauren

Who bit my wings and ate them whole
I hit my head and bit the leaves
Making a cocoon where my brain fits
I’m gonna shake my fetters, I’m breaking loose
Tickle that cheek and take your throne

Those times you clapped and called for quiet
Eyes killer cold and black and bare
When I see that room
I fake my breaking smile
I’m fucking loco
Why don’t you set your wings on fire?
I’m so, so cold in the marrow of my bones

I smile because I want to.