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Find a fun thing,
Kiss power,
Rule women,
Drink like my friend,
Miss me,
Go tell him
I am which slave,
Shove soul,
Smart sex,
She said,
“eat man”

This quick smile
men see so little too
reveal your screams
you will feel wrecked
more, my dear

They think smart
and if in love

Have at worst
Have as our issue:
girl way
Job with or was
would after by for of
Put on how she knows
Be as that are
He is used
Must he will here any of old

You, never beneath it
who could laugh and give,
Come push mister whore,
Fill the bag but fuller,
Be like no other

Some can’t encourage
you are one some
Fabulous boy toy husband
White boss
with wine
day love, night kill
We decide the need to let be
Bitchy bitch baby

Hey, listen
Did she give better there
crazy strength do it
The best woman in anything about
His house going up from us
But succeed less
Get out

Today the hand or fat
can take her time
Bring bedding and support
Every friend, always positive
Believe you can do it

A cocktail of chocolate
time doesn’t believe gossip
our fashion better control me
confess through their mother
always loving laughter
a heart between inner troubles
one good goddess
and you
I want to crush you
I make it happen
I swear, wishing