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Dazed and obscured
Last night a blur
I opened my eyes
And saw the world a slur
Thoughts racing the unsteady light
As I tried to remember the plight of last night.
The lights began to steady—no, slow
My eyes refused but my mind was ready
To figure out what had happened, although
The block in my mind would not budge
As I laid helpless watching the world’s smudge.
Blood rushed to my legs from my head
As a sudden pain filled me with dread
What had I done? Where was I now?
Had I gone out for an errand? A run?
I felt wind, but I got outside how?
The breeze carried moisture, and I heard the sound of water
Could I be at the docks? Out for a trot, or…?
How long had I been here? I couldn’t remember in slight
But then the wind wailed and my thoughts sailed
Back to last night:
“You’ve upset the natural flow,” they hissed,
“You know there are lines you cannot cross,”
“And yet you chose to do so?”
“No,” I cried, “I didn’t know!”
Protecting myself from yet another blow.
“I thought it was okay, please let me go!”
“How dare you plot to destroy our work,”
Arm out, fist clenched, grasping a dirk,
“You’re done,” he said with a smirk.
He lunged and I fell back,
Darkness overpowering at the sound of a crack
Together they left
Leaving me out in the cold
All because a song downloaded
Would never be sold