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Contrasting a tome,
the joy of a poem
is in the delicate dance with its words.

Rather than quality
a cavort with frivolity
is always quite pleasant to look towards.

With no intent to belittle
what little I riddle
should say poetry is quality notably.

Though when a mind is pressed
and could use a fantastic rest,
one should write poetry copiously.

A dance with expression,
rhymes quick in succession,
regardless of profession,
at your own discretion,
is not an option that should be quickly omitted.

With a backdrop of melody,
and a tongue ready for brevity,
even the simplest poems can be submitted.

Imagination is key,
whether you’re in the Caspian sea
or a Tennessee spelling bee,
whether an educational absentee,
or with a master’s degree,
anyone can write whatever they see.

You don’t have to think it’s good
(if only my friends would!)
there will be plenty out there who’ll always disagree.

Whether you’re writing for you
or for kids in Timbuktu,
the most important thing is that you actually do.

It’s even okay to ramble
and let your words amble
as long as you’re not up for judicial review.

In which case it’s probably best
to say what needs said, leave out the rest,
and not let your expatiation accrue.

Why I’m telling you this now
rather than taking my bow
I honestly haven’t a clue.

So anyways: conquer your fright
and ignore if it’s trite,
the most important thing to do right now is write.